6 Reasons You Might Want To Choose A Corner Sofa

The corner sofa, you might be drawn to them, admire them and think they look good but wonder if one would be right for you. Well I’m here today to let you know there is so much more to a corner sofa then just fitting in to a corner. They can offer style, comfort, lots of seating and save space as well as so much more.


Before you make your decision have a read through these:

1. They can offer the feeling of space and make a room look bigger

Don’t be put off if you have small room thinking they are only for large ones. Corner sofas come in a range of shapes and sizes so can be perfect for either.
Corners sofas tend to push back further into a room and curve around the walls , so can create an illusion of space making a small room look much larger. They efficiently maximise the use of wall space and can make the most of unused space that ordinary straight sofas just don’t do. This makes them ideal for unusual shaped rooms too. Picking one corner sofa over two small sofas or one sofa and a chair will actually give you more floor space too. Honestly, don’t dismiss them before you’ve had a proper look at the size and shape of your room.


2. They can make a room feel smaller and more intimate

Large rooms often need to be split into sections to make them look more personal, intimate or homely. Corner sofas are perfect for this. They are a fantastic focal point and draw your eyes to a section of the room. They can also be a great room divide for an open plan living/ dining area. In a large room, you don’t have to push them right back in a corner, they will work really well in the middle of a room too.

3. They can offer extra seating

Corner sofas come in a variety of sizes so you may well be able to get more seats than you would otherwise with two standard sized sofas. Perfect for growing families or if you like to have people around.

4. They can provide space to put your feet up

Often with corner sofas there is a long part in the corner perfect for putting your feet up and stretching right out at the end of a busy day. Some corner sofas even have a reclining option or can be sofa beds, perfect for overnight guests.

5. They can be more sociable

Having two separate sofas can often give the impression of having two distinct areas in your room and they can sometimes be quite far apart. Having everyone seated together in one place can be much more sociable or intimate. Perfect for cosy nights in or groups of family or friends.


6. They can often be modular and easily rearranged

In order to fit into the house, corner sofas don’t always come as one piece. This means that often you can rearrange sections, giving your room a different look. This option is perfect, if like me you move house frequently so can’t buy your furniture to fit one room.

With this many reasons and others, it’s easy to see why corner sofas are a popular choice today. In fact I think I may have even convinced myself that I need one. What do you think? Would a one work for you?

Karen x

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