6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Sofa

Buying a sofa can be confusing. There are so many to choose from so how do you know which is the right one for you? It’s easy to be blown away by a gorgeous looking sofa in a picture, showroom or even a friends house but what would it look like in your home and would it meet your needs?

For most of us a sofa is an investment. Something bought to last, so here’s my top 6 things to consider when choosing your new sofa to help get it right for you.

Size Really Does Matter!

Think about the size you want it to be. Obviously it needs to fit through doors to get into the room and once indoors you need it to look good. Buying too small can leave a room looking odd and likewise you don’t want your sofa to overwhelm a room, leaving little space for anything else. Try measuring your room and current sofa to give you an idea of what you need.

Choose Fabric With Care

Now this is important. Consider whether you have a baby, child(ren), pets or even lots

of parties. This should definitely impact the type of fabric you choose. Leather sofas are more durable as easy to wipe clean and some fabric sofas can be cleaned easily too. Some even come with covers that can be removed. A sofa might look good in a picture but once the above have jumped all over it, spilt drinks, food or even been sick on it, it’s not going to look the same if you can’t clean it properly. Just a thought!


Consider Your Space

Think about the size of your space and what will work in it. If it’s a small room see what provides the maximum seating for you or makes the most of the shape and size of the room. If it’s a large room consider using your sofa to create different zones or areas in the room. Maybe use a large corner sofa or two sofas and even a chair or two.

Think About Colour

You don’t want to be replacing your sofa in a few months time so find something that reflects your personality in a colour or pattern you like. The obvious choice is to go for a more neutral sofa which can be updated with cushions or slip covers but if pattern and colour are your thing then go for it. More than anything you want your new sofa to reflect your personality and to fit right in with your home so if a pop of colour is what you need, there are plenty to choose from.

A Sense Of Style

It’s important to think about you, your style and the other pieces of furniture in your home. You want your new sofa to fit right in rather than just stand out. If you like modern and contemporary, stick to those clean lines and smooth shapes, if you are much more traditional then find a sofa that has those antique features you admire. Scroll arms and camel backed sofas will work great in a Georgian home whilst luxuriously cushioned and carved wooden edges work well with a Victorian theme.


Location and Purpose

Think about where your new sofa is going to be placed, what it’s for and whose going to be using it. Is it for the main family room, maybe a TV/film room, a playroom or even in a kitchen/ family room. Are people going to be sleeping on it? It’s pointless buying something regal looking but not very comfortable when you want it for lounging on, likewise you probably don’t want a white fabric sofa in the kitchen. Be realistic and you won’t go wrong.

By considering these 6 things, you are well and truly on the way to buying your perfect sofa.

Karen x

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