Choosing the Perfect Sofa for your Home Decor

We know that buying a sofa can be quite an investment, both in time and money and so you want to get it right. Once you have decided on that perfect sofa though, how do you ensure it works with the décor in your home? What should you consider before making that purchase, and does it matter if it matches or not? We’ve put together some top tips and suggestions to help you choose the right sofa so it works perfectly with the rest of your home.

Whatever your style, and whatever type of look you prefer, there are a few elements you should always consider with regards to styling up your sofa.

  • Pattern
  • Colour
  • Texture

You probably want to consider those elements, along with comfort and price when you are making your purchase too, as well as thinking about the styles you love.



This style suits lots of use that don’t like the matchy matchy look! It’s a great way to inject colour and pattern into your design, and you room as a whole without worrying too much about the overall effect. Well, that’s we would like to think, but in fact an eclectic look does take some effort. Build layers of pattern, texture and colour on your sofa, taking inspiration from the room and accessories you already own. Sumptuous fabrics like velvet are well suited to this look, both on the sofa itself and in the cushions. Flamboyant styles with lots of details, particularly in rich colours are well worth considering to achieve this look in your home.

Sleek and Minimal


If vibrant colours aren’t for you and you prefer a paired back, contemporary feel to your décor and sofa, perhaps you’ll love a simple design with square edges, minimal detailing and neutral colours. If you décor is quite simple, choose unfussy fabrics for your sofa and add flashes or pops of colour with your cushions. This look lends itself to colour blocking, which is still big in interiors, with a uniform and symmetry in both design and styling that works well. The sofa can often be the focal point of the room in this kind of scheme, so choose one that will stand out in the room, that defines your style and that epitomises your look perfectly.

Classic and Traditional


If you prefer the solid, classic look of a Chesterfield style sofa, then perhaps a more traditional décor is for you. With a sofa like this you really don’t need to accessorise with cushions too much, just one or two patterned styles will normally do; let the sofa itself do all the work, but do think about the pieces you surround it with. Add texture and colour with rugs, lighting and side tables, which will all form part of the finished scheme and need to work with your chosen style. Think gentlemen’s club décor and use dark rich woods, deep hues and old world styling. Add some statement art on the wall, and your look is complete.

With a little thought and planning, your new sofa will easily blend in with your décor style and be a most beloved part of your home in an instant.

Do you have any further tips for styling your sofa with your décor?

Jen x

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