Get the Look! With our Manhattan Sofa

I came across this image the other day of Apartment 34’s fabulous office makeover. Within the recently renovated office is this rather wonderful seating area that manages to be both sophisticated as well as cosy and accessible. So I decided to try and recreate that look using our versatile Manhattan Sofa.

Here’s our inspiration for today’s look:

Apartment34 Living Area

The sofa comes in 5 fabulous colours but I chose the cream colourway for it’s warm, inviting look and it works perfectly in this setting. Offset by¬†a brindle cowhide, a couple of Bertoia inspired chairs and a metal bookshelf, the look overall has an easy-to-live-with neutral palette but it manages to lift itself up from being too boring by way of colourful¬†artwork and interesting pendant lighting.

The layers of textures in the sofa, rug and the patterns in both the cushions and the chairs creates an eclectic feel that’s perfect for relaxing!

Get the Look with our Manhattan Sofa

Manhattan sofa / Brindle cowhide rug / Bertoia-inspired chairs / brass tripod table / metal book shelf / brass pendant lighting / landscape print / kiss print / plant / plant pot / satin cushion / black & white cushion

Is this a look you’d create in your own home? How would you style our Manhattan sofa? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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