How to Choose the Perfect Accent Chair

accent chairs

Accent chairs can make a huge difference in your living space, whether you’re looking for a statment piece, some extra cosy seating, or if you want to create a reading corner for relaxation at the end of a busy day. There are all kinds of different types and styles to suit your taste and your budget so it’s worth considering what you’ll need in advance of any purchase.


If you want a chair to sit in the hallway or bedroom then consider it more as a statement piece. You probably aren’t going to sit in it for prolongued periods so the colour and style are more important here. It’s also important that it fits the space really well too. As a stand-out, feature item you might want something slightly oversized so that it makes more of an impact, and really draws your eye into the home.

If your chair is going to be a useful extra seat in the living room, think carefully about where you position it within the room. For reading, you’re going to need plenty of light both in the day and at night, so give access to plenty of daylight and position a lamp close by. It’s always handy put a side table nearby too. For watching TV or conversing with others think about how you’ll need to sit in the chair doing these activities, and position the item accordingly. As well as offering a style statement, you want the position of the chair to be practical too.


This is really down to you and your personal taste. We have a wealth of styles to suit all tastes and you’re bound to find something you love. If you are a fan of contemporary design, the Brooklyn Armchair is a perfect choice, with clean lines and simple styling. It’s also very compact and ideal if you only have a small space or corner. If you love something more hardwearing, then an armchair in leather might be more in keeping with your taste. The Weston, in a beautiful soft brown leather could be for you. And for fans of modern country, the Hexham in ivory with a co-ordinating cushion is perfect.

Accent chairs selection

Accent chairs are perfect for mixing and matching with sofas and other seating, so don’t think you need to co-ordinate perfectly with your current pieces. Adding a chair in a different style or colour will really add some impact to your room, showcase your personality and be very on trend.


Comfort is obviously a very important factor in choosing your chair so look for one that’s well made with sprung seating and good quality cushions on the seat and back. A hardwood frame will be more hardwearing and provide years of use so check that out too. If you suffer with back problems, you’ll probably benefit from a good upright style rather than something more relaxed. Think about how you’ll use the chair and how frequently you will sit in it.

Whether a reading corner, a TV chair, a statement piece or simply a place for the cat to curl up on, give an accent chair some consideration and add a little extra style to your home.


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