Perfect Shades of Greige

February is a funny old month; a wintry chill lies beneath moody, overcast skies, but the sun still pops out to remind you of spring. This creates a greige hue across the horizon – reminiscent of the on-trend tone that has become increasingly-popular with interior designers. It’s also the month for romantic date nights, so to coincide with the release of a certain shady movie, we explore a range of not-so-colourful tips.

Slap it on
50 Shades of Greige, grey warm beige paint colours
You don’t want the walls of comfortable living areas to resemble faded tarmac, so the trick is to pick a tone that comprises all the cool freshness of grey with warm, almost-brown hints. The end result is a modern, neutral colour that works anywhere but, before settling on a shade, be sure to splash around some samples to see how they look in different light.

Seriously smooth
50 Shades of Greige, grey bedroom decorating ideas
Rich and refined walls can have a calming effect on any room, so a strong greige coat can help you relax and unwind. Lamps can be used to great effect, creating a wonderful contrast against the dull background; perfect for bedtime reading.

Good with wood
50 Shades of Greige, grey country kitchen home decor
A dull greige canvas really complements wooden features, making them stand out to take centre stage. It’s a stylish look that can add sophistication to any kitchen, bedroom or home office. If you’re in the market for some timber-inspiration, check out for the latest 100% solid hardwood designs.

Keep it clean
50 Shades of Greige, stylish grey bathroom interiors
With undertones of luxury, greige offers the perfect palette for contemporary bathrooms. Other pales can quickly age and fade, and nobody enjoys freshening up amongst outdated decor, but the right greige can create a timelessly tidy feel. How very hygienic.

Home comforts
50 Shades of Greige, stylish grey sofa
Fans of understated furniture should check out our classy range of greige sofas, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re guaranteed to add character to any room, with a typically powerful-yet-soothing presence that’s is easy on the eye.

It’s the design trend that looks certain to stick around. All 50 shades of it.

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