Pet Proof Your Home – How to have a clean home without banishing the pets

For pet owners, it can often be hard to find a balance between a stylish home and one that is unlikely to be tarnished by little claws, paw prints, pet hair and more. If you’re tired of scratched leather sofas or carpets of cat hair, here are five top tips to help you and your furry friend live in harmony…

dog snoozing on a leather sofa

Firstly, choose your sofa with care. While leather settees are easy to clean and are odour-resistant, they don’t fare so well when sharp claws are involved (don’t worry though, if you’re concerned about scratches on your leather sofa, then check out this neat little trick on our Pinterest).

Fabric sofas offer a variety of patterns that can mask stains and marks, but with many created using looped fibres, they can tempt pets to scratch and pull the threads. If scratching is your biggest concern, consider velvet, which has cut rather than looped threads that may minimise the issue. If you prefer fabric but are worried about scratching, a good method of prevention is to put up a scratching post, to encourage your furry friends to claw at that instead. We love these great tips on installing a rope scratching post in your home.

puppy sleeping snuggled in a blanket on sofa

An alternative to choosing a pet-friendly sofa is to invest in throws, which can be placed over your sofa cushions to prevent stains and tears. Throw blankets are an affordable way to keep cushions clean and undamaged – as however many times you tell your cat or dog to get off the sofa, there’s no doubt that that’s where they’ll end up as soon as you go out…

If you are worried about dirt and pet hair, then plain white or cream soft furnishings are probably not for you. Instead, opt for patterns. While block colours and patterns with wide prints will show up every little stain, those with tighter patterns in darker colours will cover more, meaning that your home will look cleaner as a result. If you’ve got your heart set on a cream sofa but are worried about this problem, then take a look at these great tips on how to clean pet hair from upholstery.

cat claws at sofa cushion

The above applies to all soft furnishings, be these curtains, sofas, carpets or rugs. Rugs and carpets come with their own set of risks, though: cats and dogs alike love to get their claws stuck into high-pile fibres, making them look worn well before the end of their natural life. Stick to low-pile, flatter weave rugs and carpets to keep those claws at bay.

Finally, stick with closed storage solutions. Pets are naturally curious, and love to explore their surroundings. Open storage and shelving units can be pretty enticing – especially if they’re full of smaller items that can be dragged down for further investigation. Closed storage units not only keep your prized possessions away from prying paws, but will also give your home a clean and streamlined look.

There’s no reason why your pets and home can’t coexist in harmony. A happy pet who has plenty of playtime and stimulation will be less likely to destroy everything in sight, making it easier for you to choose the furnishings you really want.

Do you have any other pet-proofing tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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