Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your New Sofa

So you are looking to buy your new sofa? Well before you rush off to buy it, take your time to read this because with so many designs, shapes and sizes it is far too easy to become completely overwhelmed and to accidentally buy something that really isn’t what you need. I’m here this week to help your sofa shopping go much more smoothly and to help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes made.

1. Avoid buying the wrong size sofa

You really want to avoid buying a sofa that is too big or too small for your room or home. Okay this might sound obvious but believe me it happens all of the time. Always, always measure your old sofa and decide how big you want the new one to be. It’s a good idea to do a scale drawing of the room you want it for bit realistically we don’t all do this. You do need to think about how you will get it into your home though, measure doorways and think about access. You really don’t want your new sofa to be lost and far to small for a big room or to swamp a small one.

I would love this huge comfy looking one but it really wouldn’t work in my current home:

House of Turquoise

2. Avoid buying a fabric you will tire of quickly

Unless you can afford a new sofa every time you get bored of the pattern or colour, I would recommend you take the time to consider the fabric it’s upholstered in. This doesn’t mean it has to be plain or boring. Think about the colours you like, how it will fit into your room, the texture and how you can change the look with cushions. If you really want a patterned one think about a more classic style that will not go out of fashion quickly. Ideally you want something timeless:


3. Avoid buying a poor quality sofa

Cheap and cheerful might be okay for now but in the long run you will end up spending more believe me. Poor frames will break, cushions can go out of shape quickly, making them lumpy and uncomfortable. When buying a sofa my advice to you is to always buy the best you can afford. It doesn’t have to be the top of the range but a good quality frame will last so much longer. it will be worth it in the end.


4. Avoid judging a sofa by it’s cover

It’s so easy to look at a sofa and write it off because of the colour or fabric (I’m terrible for that). It’s important to look past all of that as many companies nowadays offer a range of custom colours and fabrics. Think about what you need it for, the type of support you need. How tall do you need it to be? Are you happy with a low back and scatter cushions or do you prefer a high back. What type of arms do you need? Are you going to be resting your head on them and sleeping on it? Do you need it to be more supportive or one you can sink into. Once you’ve found the style that works for you and your home, you can go on to personalise it with colours, fabrics and of course plenty of cushions.


5. Avoid buying a style that isn’t right for you

Buying a sofa doesn’t have to be boring or practical, you are allowed to fall madly in love with one or to think outside the box and try something new. Try not to impulse buy though. Think about how it will work for you, what you need it for and whether it fit in with your current furniture. My current sofa isn’t my dream one yet but it’s easy to keep clean with three young children and is comfortable enough to sink into exhausted at the end of the day when they are all in bed. It works for us right now but my next one will be very different and much more me.

Now you know what mistakes not to make it’s time for the fun bit… get shopping.

Good luck and enjoy.

Karen x

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