Eurovision 2015 Party Ideas

Nil-point, eclectic Scandinavian punk, Conchita Wurst and quick quips from Graham – that’s right! This Saturday our favourite song contest is back. The Eurovision final will be gracing our screens and the SofaStore team will…

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Choosing a sofa colour

Choosing a new sofa can be tricky. I know from my own personal experience that the mind can boggle at the sheer amount of choices that we’re confronted with when looking for such a significant piece. A sofa is an investment piece, not just for Christmas. Or was that something else? Never mind…

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The Best Sofas on TV

Sofas often take centre stage in telly-land, much like they do in the real world, whether we’re chatting with guests like Jonathan Ross, or arguing over the remote like Lisa and Bart. Many famous sofas…

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copper and gold accessories add a bold look for spring

Bold Looks for Spring

Bold looks for spring could be anything from a plush, dark sofa in a bright room to opulent little accents. Here are some tips for achieving this look.

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6 Reasons You Might Want To Choose A Corner Sofa

The corner sofa, you might be drawn to them, admire them and think they look good but wonder if one would be right for you. Well I’m here today to let you know there is so much more to a corner sofa then just fitting in to a corner. They can offer style, comfort, lots of seating and save space as well as so much more.

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storage ideas for small toys

7 Fab Toy Storage Ideas

When you have kids, toys are sure to follow like a tidal wave, washing away all sense of order. Much like pets, children can be messy. But not everybody has space for a playroom. So…

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