The Best Sofas on TV

Sofas often take centre stage in telly-land, much like they do in the real world, whether we’re chatting with guests like Jonathan Ross, or arguing over the remote like Lisa and Bart. Many famous sofas have become stars in their own right, so with the 2015 Bafta Television Awards on the horizon this weekend, let’s take a look at the best on the box…


The ‘Central Perk’ sofa is surely the Beatles of the furniture world, topping the charts and winning fans all over the globe. It played host to an aspirational yet attainable life, as the gang whiled away their 20s, chilling with their besties. Despite being located in downtown New York, it always happened be free for banter, wisecracks and dating mishaps, maybe due to this clever little tidbit that even hardcore Friends fans may have not spotted. If you’re looking for something similar, how about our large Rockingham sofa?

couch in Central Perk TV show Friends

The Royle Family

Isn’t it funny how people often have their own reserved spot on the family sofa? The Royles are no exception with their shabby-chic three piece suite, as Dave and the girls take centre stage, Antony sits to the side (or on the floor if guests come over), and Jim plonks himself in front of the TV. You don’t need smell-o-vision to imagine the pong that emanates from his raggedy old armchair, but the threadbare feel connotes notions of warmth and home comfort.

The Jonathan Ross Show

This stylish set is the perfect place for friends to sit and chat, but these ‘friends’ just so happen to be celebrities. The night time ‘natter’ often descends into unconventional therapy sessions but, bizarre TV rituals aside, you have to admire the plush seating on offer.


Marty’s iconic armchair is a constant bone of contention, as it opposes the classy lifestyle that Frasier strives for. He constantly tries to convince his Dad to buy something more in-keeping with the luxury apartment, but when Marty is rushed to hospital and Frasier returns home, the empty chair is the first thing he sees. A poignant reminder of the significance our creature comforts can hold.

The Simpsons

Nothing says bosom of the family like the familiar brown sofa of the Simpson household. Everyone, young and old, can relate to Springfield’s finest, and the show’s title sequence ends with a brand new ‘couch gag’ each episode, reminding us that the sofa is often at the centre of family life. If you want to snuggle up Simpsons-style, why not try out our comfy Genoa range.

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