Eurovision 2015 Party Ideas

conchita wurst eurovision winner 2014

Nil-point, eclectic Scandinavian punk, Conchita Wurst and quick quips from Graham – that’s right! This Saturday our favourite song contest is back. The Eurovision final will be gracing our screens and the SofaStore team will be glued to our sofas for an evening of the good, the bad and the downright wonderfully weird.

If you’re equally excited we’ve got some great ideas to help you throw a party like it was 1997 (which happened to be the last time we won – thank you Katrina and the Waves). So grab your friends and family and prepare yourself for a fun filled evening complimented by Graham Norton’s one liners, bizarre Nordic outfits and a guaranteed wipe-out for the UK!

What Eurovision evening would be complete without a smörgåsbord of themed food? Although it originated from Sweden, not Austria (this year’s host country), we will be keeping it simple with an international platter of treats placed in front of the big screen. Perfect for having a quick bite to eat in between the action.

smorgasboard of continental food for eurovision 2015 party

Keep it Euro-tastic – ditch the dumplings, get rid of the goulash and instead create a delectable array of appetisers for everyone to eat as and when they please. If you are having friends over, get everyone to bring a dish from their favourite competing country. Suggest for guests to bring cured meats and international cheeses, as they are easily transportable and perfect for nibbling in front of the big screen.

As the host, pay homage to our mother nation and wow your guests with Loraine Pascal’s ridiculously easy sausage rolls, or keep it simple with homemade hummus served with cut-up pitta bread and cold veggies. If you are feeling particularly domestic, then make a memorable dessert; if time isn’t a factor why not make an Austrian-inspired strudel like Nigella, or for those who want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, whip up a ‘chocolate fondue’ and serve with fresh fruit.

Schnapps Snap!

No Eurovision is complete without a tasty tipple (enjoyed in moderation of course) and what drink is more apt for an Austrian themed evening than Peach Schnapps. Avoid running dry during the lengthy point-scoring process by making up pitchers of Schnapps cocktails in advance. For one cocktail: add 2 x shots of vodka, 1 x shot of peach schnapps, 3 x shots cranberry juice to a glass full of ice, stir, then slowly add 1 x shot of orange juice to create a layered effect. For an equally delicious non-alcoholic beverage, use a flavoured sugar syrup instead of vodka and schnapps and top up with lemonade! For more mocktails made easy click here.

delicious orange mocktail for eurovision party

To ensure no one nods off during Finland’s folk songs, what better way to stay awake then with a euro-themed game to keep you entertained. Write up the rules before you start so that you won’t be repeating yourself all evening or hashing out specifics over the Balkans’ ballads. Depending on how engrossed you are in the programme, make up scorecards: the first person to spot something from the list gets a point. Total up the points while they are deliberating scores on the television and award a suitable prize to the guest who spotted the most Eurovision hilarities! Here are a few we will be playing to get you started.

Get a point when…
The point-giver compliments the host country.
An entry sings in a language other than English.
When any performer singers the word ‘love’

Get 5 points…
If the hosts kiss cheeks
If a female performer has facial hair
If the performer is barefoot (or dressed like a pirate)

Latvia Eurovision 2008 entry - Wolves of the Sea

If you’ve not got time to devise your own rules, then we love Company’s Euro Bingo, or print out a ready-made scorecard to get you started.

Front-room Fiesta!

Stomachs satisfied and thirsts quenched, no party would be complete without appropriate fancy dress. Ask your guests to wear their favourite Eurovision entry’s costume. Don an Abba inspired get-up, a bling micro-mini a la Gina G or pay homage to last year’s winner, Conchita, with a glitzy maxi and a beard.

Be sure to print off your favourite country’s flag here to wave in support during their performance and perhaps to decorate the living room too. In fact, as it is Eurovision pretty much anything goes, so be sure to deck the room with as much glitter, confetti or balloons as possible to bring the Euro-fever to the comfort of your own home!

glittery party decorations for a eurovision 2015 party

Are you hosting a Eurovision party this weekend? Tell us what you’re doing and send us your snaps on Twitter or Facebook and be in with a chance of winning a Harley leather recliner sofa!

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It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year; time to celebrate with family and friends and bask in the weird and wonderful glory that is Eurovision. We want to know what you’re up to on the musical calendar highlight of the year – so send us pics of your parties, quick quips to rival Graham’s, and who you’ve picked to pip the others to the post and take the Eurovision crown.

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harley black leather recliner sofa

How are you celebrating Eurovision? Let us know!
We want all the gossip and low-down from your Eurovision parties, think:
• What cocktails you’ve prepared
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• Getting ready for a Eurovision party – are you dressed like Gina G?
• Favourite Eurovision 2015 entry
• Look-a-like – got a relative who looks just like the Finnish entry? Send us a pic!
• Proudest family member – Auntie Susan decked out in her Union Jack finest
• Running commentary – we just love Poland’s outfits!
• Best dressed of the evening
• Graham’s best comment – can you do a quick quip better?
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