5 Creative Ways to Add Colour to your Home

If you are familiar with my style, you’ll know I’m certainly not shy of using colour in my home. I think it adds a powerful force for happiness, especially when grey skies are pretty common here in our fair isle. But I know not everyone out there is colour-confident – there is a fear of getting a colour wrong, of choosing something you’ll soon tire of, of not knowing even where to start to bring some colour into your space.

So today I thought I’d share 5 creative ways you can add colour to your home that don’t require huge commitment and can easily be changed if worse comes to worse, you aren’t thrilled with the results (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it!). Of course, there are plenty of ways to incorporate colour but I love these ideas and thought you might like them too! Shall we get started?

Paint your front door in a welcoming hue

london pink door

Imagine how happy you would be to return home to a bright pink door! I adore how this home in Notting Hill embraces colour by using an unexpected hue to greet visitors and passers by. If you are a little afraid of using colour inside your home, then why not try using it outside first?

Try a brightly coloured rug

neutral room with bright rug

This dining area is predominantly neutral but a brightly coloured patterned rug keeps things from looking too bland. Ethnic style rugs are a huge trend right now and there are so many beautiful designs on the market. Why not adopt a little bit of an cultural vibe in your home by using boho style textiles to bring colour to your flooring?

Bring in Brightly Hued Art

Neutral room with brightly coloured artwork

While this space is mostly bright white, I love the shot of colour the artwork brings to the room. Whether you go for a gallery wall or one large piece, consider a piece of artwork you love that incorporates a number of different colours within it. When matched with neutrals, your art will be the star of the show and will draw your eye, creating interest and a pop of brightness.

Paint small pieces of furniture

painted stools

If you are a bit of a colour-phobe, then a small piece of furniture painted in a bright colour is an easy way to incorporate colour into a room. These little stools in an all-white kitchen grab your attention and bring a bit of whimsy to what can easily be a clinical space. Starting with smaller pieces (think stools, side tables, chairs) won’t take more than a few hours to transform and you’ll have instant gratification of a new look that’s easily changed if you want to try something new in the future.

Colour-block shelving

colourblock shelving

Instead of painting walls, why not try incorporating colour into shelving? This pale office instantly becomes a bright, fun workspace by painting and wallpapering the inside of the shelving blocks in different hues. If you can’t commit to one single colour, then using a few colours in similar strengths is a fun way to try a few different ones out for size. This can be done in a smaller unit as seen above or backing larger bookshelves in a living room or bedroom or even open shelving in a kitchen.

I hope you found a little colour inspiration today in my post! How do you incorporate colour in your home?



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