5 Living Rooms Updates to do in a Weekend

So you’ve just treated yourself to a brand new sofa or armchair, possibly even both, and you it’s due to arrive next week. You look around your living room and decide that the brand new furniture deserves a special place in which to sit. It’s time to give the room a little facelift in preparation, but you don’t have much time.

Here are 5 fabulous updates that you can do in just one weekend, that will give your living room an injection of style, panache and vibrancy and won’t cost the earth in terms of your time or money.

Create a Feature Wall:

Feaure wallpaper Use your weekend to choose and hang some striking wallpaper. And if you have more time, why not paint all of the walls too. Seriously though, adding a feature wall in striking colour or wallpaper design can really bring the wow factor into the room, and give it a whole new look. Think about how the design and colours will work with your chosen pieces, something geometric for the retro mid-century styles, or more floral for a traditional style. Country style shapes look good neutral colours, whilst a contemporary design will work with pretty much anything.

Lay some New Flooring:

Kalei Rug Plan ahead and use your weekend to jazz up the floor. If the carpet or floorboards are looking a little tired, bringing a brand new sofa into the room will really highlight this so head to the shops and pick up something new. If you need to sand and stain the floorboards you can usually do this in a weekend, and a new carpet or rug can be laid in a day.

Create a Wall Collage:

Oliver Bonas wall art Spend an afternoon gathering together some favourite prints and wall artefacts that can be curated into a styled wall collage. Plan your arrangement carefully on the floor or with paper templates, and decide how you’re going to hang it. Then start the knocking in some nails. Choose art from a similar theme or colours to help the collage hang together and look cohesive.

Rearrange your Accessories:

Pied a Terre Home accessories It’s one of the easiest ways to create a fresh, new feel in the living room, or any room in the house for that matter. Strip the shelves of all of your accessories and take them into another room. Maybe gather some extras from storage or left overs from another room too, then start grouping them into little sections. Groups of odd numbers work better, and think about how to mix or coordinate the heights and colours too. Then start placing the groupings around the room in different locations. You’ll be amazed at how an hour’s work can make such a massive difference to the room.

Inject Some Colour:

Bowery Blue Abigail Ahern Paint If you’ve been living with neutrals for a while, or maybe just feel that your new sofa deserves a new colour scheme, now is the time. Over the weekend, think about how to inject new colour and life into the room. Maybe you want to give it a complete new scheme, but also think about adding a new colour to brighten your existing hues. Yellow works well with many schemes, and looks great against a backdrop of neutrals. Inky blues are still on trend if you want something deeper.

Whatever you choose to do over your weekend, any of these projects will ensure your new sofa has a wonderful new room in which to sit.


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