7 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Wallpaper

You might have noticed, SofaStore is loving wallpaper at the moment! I absolutely adore wallpaper – the way it can tie up a colour scheme, create drama, add soft texture or pattern or create a bit of movement with a single solution that you can do in a day. However, when purchasing wallpaper we often buy more than we need and then we are left with a few metres of additional paper that seem to have no use. What do you do with it? Well, today I thought I’d share a few fun and simple ideas of how I’ve used leftover wallpaper as well as a few other ideas from around the web.

Wallpaper Your Furniture

wallpaper chest of drawers

With a really simple cut and paste method using ModPodge (which is a glue similar to PVA), my humble set of drawers in the living room was transformed in less than an hour. For the full DIY, check out my post here.

Cover Your File Boxes

wallpaper magazine files

I took some really plain and inexpensive magazine boxes and using some leftover wallpaper from other projects, utilised what I had remaining to give my office a few pretty accessories. You can see how I did it here.

Line the back of your kitchen cupboards

Wallpaper kitchen shelving

For a surprise burst of colour, I used a small amount of wallpaper to line the back of my kitchen shelving units. Because they aren’t full walls, you don’t have to use very much and so more expensive papers go a long way. Even if you don’t have open units like I have, you can still consider using wallpaper if you have glass cabinet fronts or even just for a nice surprise when you open the kitchen cupboards!

Line the back of a bookcase

Wallpaper bookcase

I’ve also used only small amounts of wallpaper to line the back of the bookcases that are in my dressing room. The pattern adds some dimension to the units and it’s rather easy to do as well. I’ve shared my tutorial here.

Make Coasters

Wallpaper coasters

If you don’t have enough leftover for larger projects, then this fantastic tutorial from The Thinking Closet shows how to use them to cover tiles and make waterproof coasters. Perfect for your coffee table to avoid those tell-tale rings! Check out her tutorial here.

Wallpaper Your Stairs


I also thought this next idea from Homedit was a perfect example of using wallpaper creatively. Let your stairs make a real style statement by using different wallpaper designs that work harmoniously together for something truly different!

Create a headboard

Wallpaper headboards

This is a genius solution to get some pattern and colour into a space (in this case, a kids’ bedroom) without having to spend a fortune redecorating every few years. The patterns can be easily changed out as your children grow and their tastes change by just covering some MDF in a few strips of wallpaper.

So those are just a few ways to creatively use your leftover wallpaper! Which idea is your favourite? Tweet us @SofaStoreOnline & let us know!



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