Bold Looks for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your décor, with more light pouring into each room as the days get longer. Whether you want to update that tatty old sofa for something plush and striking – like this navy Sterling sofa – or want to brave a dark feature wall, now is the time to do it.

A touch of opulence

Dark colours alongside a hint of metallic are a great way to bring a luxurious touch into any room. This look works so well in a bedroom or living room but can work equally as well in a kitchen or bathroom too.

Look for cushions or bedspreads that have gold thread running through them and keep an eye out for gloss lamps in a dark colour that can be paired with a gold lampshade. Think stately home with a bit more of a modern twist!

copper and gold accessories add a bold look for spring

A daring feature wall

The trendsetters in the interiors world will tell you that feature walls are old news but they still have their place in our homes. A feature wall in a daring colour such a black, chocolate, navy, dark green or a deep red are a great alternative to painting a whole room in a dark colour.

If you feel the colour is too overpowering, you can add in bright accents to bring everything together. For example, art on a white background when paired with similarly coloured cushions can really mute a dark wall.

bold look feature wall  

A bright sofa 

Many of us tend to go down the safe route and have black, brown, grey or cream sofas in our homes. Perhaps this spring, you should try something different. A colourful sofa creates a real focal point within your home and can instantly breathe life back into a room.

Don’t go too matchy-matchy when it comes to the rest of your living room décor. A red sofa should be paired with a black and white or neutrally coloured rug, not something in a similar shade.

bright sofa for spring

Attitude on your walls

We’ve stepped away from simple neutral colours on our walls and are moving towards boutique wallpapers in strange and fascinating patterns. Whether you’re the kind of person to go for a dark wallpaper featuring metallic skull and crossbones, or would rather have a pastel bird print, there’s something out there for you.

A dramatic wall is going to turn a room from plain and simple to instantly striking without the need to update anything else.

These bold looks often take a bit of a leap but don’t be scared to bring a little colour and opulence into your home this spring. Even if you start off small with some colourful accessories, you’ll soon be itching to take it a step further.

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