Decor Trend: Eclectic Urban Jungle

With April about to make an appearance, lots of us are dusting off our decorating gear, and getting ready to embrace the busiest DIY month of the year. If you have plans or projects ready to tackle, now’s the time to start researching and planning. Are you giving a room a makeover, giving a piece of furniture some DIY love, or just giving a wall a fresh lick of paint? Whatever you’re planning, I’m sure you’ve been influenced by some of the latest trends to hit the world of home interiors. You might not even be aware of it, but metallics, copper, pastels, and copper blush are all infiltrating the high street and with good reason.

One of the newer trends that’s gaining momentum currently, is the love of Jungle and Tropical prints. There are lots of ways to incorporate these into your home, and more ways to mix them with other looks. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, an eclectic mash up with an urban jungle theme could be just right for you.

Eclectic Jungle Home Decor


Keeping the look dark and dramatic helps further the impact, so a good place to start is with one of our Madison Sofa’s in Victor Ebony. Complete with luxurious rose printed scatter cushions, it’s the ideal starting point for this look.


If you love statement wallpaper, take a look at this Palm Jungle wallpaper from Cole and Son. Available in 5 different colourways, it displays a dense jungle of foliage, perfect for creating your urban jungle look. Combined with our ebony sofa, it elicits a bold and sultry mood, giving a splendid backdrop for creating this style.


Now we need to add some accessories. The beauty of creating something eclectic, means you don’t have to think too hard about making pieces match. The more you mix up your looks, and throw in a little bit of crazy, the better for your design.

Obviously, natural products are going to work well with this print. Bamboo in particular gives an authentic jungle feel when combined with the tropical palm print. If you want to keep the look simple and uncluttered, think about only using one type of palm print, either on the walls or in the soft furnishings. But creating a truly eclectic look means being bold and mixing up your prints. Add a few different types on the walls, cushions and rugs to really give the room an eclectic feel.

The trend for copper is one that can work really well with the dark, dramatic backdrop, so think abou introducing some copper lighting, lamps or bowls. The metallic sheen will lighten and brighten the jungle feel, and bring a luxurious element to your varied look.

Of course to anchor your look and help it make sense, add some natural plants. Indoor plants are seeing something of a renaissance at the moment, so incorporating them into your mixed up jungle theme, is perfect. Add lots of lush plants at different heights or smaller more delicate plants in colourful jars of different textures.

The main thing with this look is to embrace the eclectic style and have fun pulling it together.

Do you love the eclectic urban jungle home? Could you use any of these elements in your home?



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