Decorating with Marsala – Pantone’s Colour of 2015

Pantone’s new Colour of the Year for 2015 is Marsala. I’ve covered trends in a more general way before, but thought it would be worth it to have a closer look at this one. Why? Because it’s one of the colours I find tricky to pull off. Call it Marsala or burgundy, it’s not really a colour I get on with particularly well. It doesn’t even suit my complexion, which means that I don’t have a single item of clothing in this colour. So, surrounding myself with it in my home is just a step too far out of my comfort zone. Besides, when we moved into our current home, parts of it were painted in a lighter shade of this colour which was called “terracotta” – needless to say that those were the first walls I painted. In white!


Still, I thought I’d give this colour a closer look. After all, maybe it’s just my very personal taste that’s getting in the way of something rather fabulous here. Besides, there are ways to incorporate colours into our homes that will look timeless even if they are (right now) off the moment.

If this happens to be your personal favourite colour, then you’re of course lucky. There are endless ways to combine it, accessorise and go completely over the top with it. Even I have to admit that the cosy, boho-inspired room above does look rather inviting. However, you don’t have to go the whole hog. Pick out your favourite elements. Paint some picture frames in that colour (in the absence of intricate doors), get some cushions and throws, or just paint one wall with it. The result will look updated without being overwhelming.


If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with high ceilings, then you can’t go wrong with big curtains. A fabric with a bit of sheen will look luxurious as opposed to cotton which would just look a tad too “down to earth” in this context and contrasts beautifully with the white walls and light colours in the room.


If you’re looking to purchase a piece of furniture in this colour, then mixing traditional with trend is the way to go. The traditional shape of this sofa works well with the colour and would look amazing in a neutral room setting as well as a colour coordinated one.


Sometimes all that is needed is a single piece. Though it helps if it’s a large one. The large painting here is a great way to incorporate colour in an otherwise neutral room. The graduation from lighter to darker tones and the “fluidity” gives it life and contrasts well with the more geometric shapes in the room.


Of course it doesn’t always have to be completely obvious that it’s a trend. A patterned rug adds colour and interest to the room here and despite its colour doesn’t scream “colour of the year”. The secret here is that it’s a classic piece that already had those colours anyway. A perfect example that trends aren’t usually as brand new as we would like to think.


If you still can’t get enough of this colour and you’re a true colour-person without fear, then why not paint your kitchen with it? I’ll be honest here: it’s not really for me, but I can actually see its appeal and that it makes for a warm and cosy setting. I can actually see myself cooking dinner for friends and family in a kitchen like this. How about you?

Carole x

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