Get The Look: Parisian Apartment

Wouldn’t we all just love to live in Paris, in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower? I know I would. Big French windows to let the sunshine in, a small but perfectly sweet balcony to enjoy breakfast or a glass of wine, tall ceilings and parquet flooring… Yes please! Now, admittedly I’m talking a little big “dream apartment” here. You know, it’s the equivalent of saying “wouldn’t this house in Kensington be so lovely” and we all know that it’s not really where most of us are likely to buy.

Ramdane & Victoire

So this is more about taking inspiration from those beautiful Parisian apartments and how to adapt their look for our own homes. Well, at least part of their look. There always seems to be a kind of casual elegance to these interiors which is lost when trying too hard. The way furniture pieces are combined and the accessories work with the bones of the room despite begin a completely different style.

Pared back

It’s the original features, the bones of the apartment, that play a big part in the whole look. Rather than disguising or (shock, horror!) removing them, they’re being beautifully emphasised by the furnishings and accessories. Parisians (a little like Londoners) aren’t afraid to be eclectic in their choice of pieces and decorating taste, but they will also always respect the classics. A typical Haussmann apartment will always be recognisable as such.

Rustic Modern

When looking to bring a little bit of the Paris flair to your own home then, you should look to incorporate classic and original features as much as possible. If your home doesn’t have those, then maybe think about installing some “fake” panelling, reinstating ceiling roses and sanding those original floorboards. It doesn’t mean your home will look old-fashioned as long as you don’t go completely chintzy with the rest of the decor. Let those features shine and think about each item you’re adding to the room. Whilst some clutter is definitely a part of a Parisian apartment, don’t overwhelm it with too much. The style itself is purely down to taste: it could be grand with god accents, bohemian, rustic, romantic, mid-century or anything else you like. All these styles work really well against the pared-back backdrop.


Soft colours are a great way to lighten up a room if it’s lacking in natural light and often found in these apartments. The colour could be on the walls but is sometimes also used on furniture to give the room an overall calm and feminine look. Classic ticking fabric will really help the look and when it comes to curtains, they should be extra long and slightly gathered up with tie-backs.

Velvet Sofa

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little for a bolder look. Not everything is pale in Paris and this room really goes to prove how well classic features mix with bold accessories, don’t you think? The key is to look for quality. Parisians don’t really “do cheap”, instead preferring investment pieces that will last long enough to hand them down to the next generation.

I hope this post will help and inspire you to add some Parisian flair to your home! Any extra tips? Let us know over on twitter @SofaStoreOnline!


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