5 Essentials for a Stylish Coffee Table

While a coffee table is pretty much a necessity in any living room (I mean, where else are you going to set your cuppa and your remotes when binging on the latest Netflix series?) but creating a stylish vignette is a great way to inject a little bit of personality and cohesion between your table and the rest of the space around it. If you’ve worked hard to create a stylish space, then you don’t want to neglect your coffee table as an extension of that d√©cor.

Obviously not everyone out there feels the need to create displays on their coffee table but if you would like to emulate some of the looks you’ve seen on blogs, on Pinterest or in magazines, then hopefully my tips will get you started.

Ya see, there are patterns that start to develop when you consider creating a great vignette and so today, I thought I’d share my top 5 essentials for a really stylish coffee table – things that are easy and ¬†inexpensive to incorporate which when used together or apart, can take a table that just looks like some bits were left on top to something that looks effortlessly stylish and draws the eye.

Shall we get started?

A Stack of Books

Stack of books on coffee table vignette

One of the most important things in any vignette is creating variations in height. With stylish coffee table books that are stacked up, you can create this height quite easily. Simply top with a few of your favourite accessories and you’ve already made a great start on a stylish table.

A Tray

coffee table vignette styling tray

I can never have enough trays at home and I think I may have at least one or two in every room! They are perfect on a coffee table for corralling smaller items to make them look more purposeful.


flowers coffee table vignette

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a really great coffee table without the inclusion of some plant life. A few blooms in a small vase, a large eye-catching bouquet or a few small succulents – really anything goes when it comes to your coffee table! As long as there is some life of some type, you’ll create an instant pulled together look.

Personal items

coffee table vignette styling personal objects

It could be a book about sailing or a bowl filled with matches from your favourite retro pubs or champagne corks from every celebration you’ve shared with family or it might be your grandmother’s brooch – but every coffee table should tell the story of YOU. And having these items in your vignette will make it feel less staged and more a part of your home. Guests should be able to see your table and get to know you a little better so incorporating a personal touch creates that bit of intimacy that doesn’t come from a catalogue.

Something quirky

Quirky item on coffee table vignette styling

I always say that every room should have a bit of ‘weird’ and what I mean by this is including something that’s a little different or fun or whimsical and something that shares your personality. I personally love brass animals for mine but you can use whatever makes you smile from vintage toys to ceramic doll heads, the sky really is the limit here.


So those are just 5 different things you can include on your own coffee table for a stylish display! What are your essentials for a coffee table? I’d love to hear from you!


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