6 Clever Ways to Create a Library in Your Home

I’ve always dreamed of having my own ‘library’. A place I can go when I want to relax and unwind, surrounded by volumes that reach to the ceiling and to open a book and be lost in another’s story, all within the comfort of my own home. While I have yet to realise this dream, I am often inspired by the libraries others have in their homes.

classic library

Obviously in this dream of mine, I have 12 foot ceilings and a rolling ladder that allows me (a shorty at 5’3″) to reach the books at the very top but clearly this is not entirely necessary. And of course, while a dedicated room may be a luxury, it’s actually fairly easy to incorporate a library in a dining, living, sitting room or even a snug. All you really need are built in bookshelves and a blank wall.

library around doorway

I love how in the example above a library was built around a doorway. This is perfect if you don’t have an entire wall to dedicate to your books but still makes use of every available bit of wall space.

It’s a similar situation here where the shelving is built around a fireplace. Utilising the space in the alcoves is another way to get the look of a dedicated library within your living room space.

library in alcoves around fireplace

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to spend a huge amount of money on a wall of shelving. Using inexpensive shelving units and padding them out with inexpensive wood can create the look of a built in without having to hire a contractor. This wall of shelves was a complete DIY from blogger Kirstin of Bliss at Home and lining the backs with a grey grass cloth wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop where your books and accessories can really shine.

billy bookcases with grasscloth

Using an empty corner of a room is another great idea for incorporating a library into your home. I love the idea of utilising every bit of space as they’ve done here to create something that’s both practical as well as eye-catching.

corner library

Even if you don’t have soaring ceilings, there’s no reason to not incorporate your love of books into the home. In our next example, low-level bookshelves wrap around the room, creating a cozy environment, perfect for that relaxed weekend vibe so many of us love.

wrap around low level library

And finally, when space is truly limited, then a pair of slimline shelves that reach ceiling height are a great way to show off a smaller collection. I adore how there is space incorporate beneath the shelves for additional chairs that tuck out of the way when not in use. Clever use of space, no?

slim line shelves

So if you are a bibliophile or just love the look of a library in your home, I hope this post has given you some inspiration today! Where will you be incorporating your library? I’d love to hear from you!



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