6 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

I adore spring. It’s naturally my favourite season after the cold, grey and rainy winter, seeing the sun shine in and the trees begin to bud, a reminder that warmer weather is ahead. There’s a promise in its arrival – that soon, there will be days spent outdoors, that there will be no need for a coat or boots, that soon I can leave the windows open, allowing my home to be filled with the natural scent of Mother Nature. So at this time of year, I begin to prepare my home – to lighten and brighten it, to take on little projects around my house and to welcome a bit of nature indoors.

I thought I’d share a few ways you can welcome spring into your home today. A few small changes that will create a lighter, fresher atmosphere perfect for the new season and one which will most certainly bring with it all the joys of this time of year.

Decorate with flowers

fresh flowers in kitchen

I’ve suddenly had the urge to pick up a fresh batch of pretty blossoms every time I walk into my local supermarket. At this time of year, the selection is fantastic and the prices are low so why not take advantage of this and grab a few bunches? Steer clear of the ready-made bouquets and go for a variety of show-stopping roses or bushy carnations and fill these with a few stems of greenery and some smaller headed flowers for a balanced arrangement. Or, to keep things simple, choose one variety and cut the stems short to create a compact display of blooms anywhere in your home.

Paint a room a pale blushy pink

blush pink room

If you are a little bored with grey (it is EVERYWHERE after all), why not embrace one of the newer shades of the year – a soft blush pink that looks great with nearly everything? Since Pantone announced Rose Quartz as one of their colours of the year, every paint manufacturer out there has been coming out with their own twist on the always-flattering hue. From the nearly beige to those with grey undertones as well as the brighter tones laced with peachy vibrancy, there’s a shade out there for everyone and every room style.

Swap your textiles

spring textiles

Just as you would put away your winter wardrobe as the weather warms up, you’ll want to do the same with your home. So it’s time to stash away the thick woven throws and faux fur cushions and replace them with lighter cottons, linens and a fresher palette. If you have heavy curtains on your windows, why not take advantage of the additional sunshine and swap them for voiles which allow all that sunlight to stream into your home? Edit your sofa and bed by removing some of the additional cushions that seem to breed in the winter and leave only those you really love.

Spring Clean

fresh clean bathroom

Of course I’m going to mention cleaning on this post. I know it’s not as fun as decorating but this time of year is always a great opportunity to really give your home a deep clean. I fall in love with my own home every time it’s truly sparkling clean and it just makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Grab the family and divvy out the chores, turn up the music and make a day of it. You’ll be surprised how quickly it gets done when everyone pitches in. And don’t forget the windows to allow as much natural light into your home as possible.

Embrace your green thumb

greenery in the hallway

While in winter, I tend to rely on a few faux plants to keep my place looking a bit greener (lack of sun means I always have casualties) but come Spring, I will always go to my local garden centre and pick up a few new plants to bring the outdoors in. This time of year is perfect for the novice house plant owner because the warmer temperatures and brighter skies means plants will begin to flourish and it’s easier to keep them healthy. Do a little research on whatever varieties you choose to know whether to place them in full sun or indirect light and how often to water them for the best results.

Introduce organic elements

rattan chair

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in, introducing a few natural elements to your home is a great way to welcome spring. Geology is big this year with everything from marble to agate as well as stone and minerals gracing our homes. Or consider rattan furniture for indoors – it’s not just for the conservatory any more. Embrace the look with a few chosen accessories which will bring a textural accent to any space.

So those are just a few ways to welcome the new season into your home. How do you embrace spring in your home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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