Christmas Decor: How to Get it Right

Does your Christmas decorations box contain a host of mismatched items that you’ve collected over the years? Do you have tinsel dating back to the 90’s and fairy lights that have seen better days? If so, now is the time to give your decorations an overhaul and set about taking inspiration from us on creating a stylish, cohesive look for your Christmas home.

How to Get the Christmas Decor just Right:

I’ve put together a check-list to help you make the right decisions and give you some ideas on how to decorate your home this Christmas, if you need it.
  • Think about what kind of scheme you want to create, and stick to it.
  • Declutter your decorations box, donating unwanted items to charity
  • Start researching where to buy your favoured pieces
  • Have a budget and stick to it
  • Mix and match more inexpensive items with a few special, more luxurious pieces
  • Choose a tree that fits your space and will stand the test of time.


Christmas Celebrations
  • Think about how to mix and match styles, but make the look cohesive throughout the house.
  • Don’t worry too much about whether things match, styles change and it’s good to keep it flexible.
  • Carry your look through from one room to another.
  • Don’t forget the hallway and kitchen, they can look stunning when decorated.
  • Your living room is the focus of the decorating, and so use all the spots like fireplace and doors.
Christmas Mood


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, if it doesn’t work this year, don’t do it again next.
  • Add lots of metallics for an on-trend look, mix and match different types
  • Add a centrepiece to your coffee table, filling a tray with baubles, candles and cones
  • Add fairy lights all over the house, an inexpensive way to create atmosphere
  • If you don’t like a messy tree, get the children their own to decorate
  • Candles and oils are a great way to add a Christmas scent to the home

What do you think of our tips for creating a Christmas home? What Christmas decorating tips would you add?


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