How to Create a Comfortable Space for Overnight Guests

No matter how big or small your home, it’s possible to create a perfectly comfortable space for visitors when they come to stay overnight. Over the years we’ve created all kinds of areas for guests that have suited our family and situation at the time so hopefully I have a little experience at getting this right.

How to Create A Comfortable Space for Overnight Guests:

1. Which Room?

Once you’ve cracked this the rest is easy. If you have the spare room suitable for guests then great, but most people aren’t lucky enough to have so much space. This is where you need to consider which room in your home could also double up as guest accommodation. Perhap the home office or the dining room could work? If you’re worried about the space not being too private, you could always create a makeshift screen to portion up the room.

2. A Good Night’s Sleep:

whitney-corner-sofa-bed-left-facing-in-cord-fawn-5444d17a48b9d whitney-corner-sofa-bed-left-facing-in-cord-fawn-5444d17d6ff1f Obviously the main thing you have to think about is what the guests will sleep on. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room with a double bed then you have the perfect solution. However, a decent, good quality sofa bed will also work for you if you are creating a multi purpose room. Ensure the style of the sofa works with your decor and of course, make sure there will be enough room when you pull it out.

3. Bedding:

guest bedroom This is often tricky if you’re using a makeshift guest’s room and storing it can be difficult. There are lots of things you can do to make it easier. Keep all the duvets and pillows together in a labelled bag, preferably in a vacuum packed variety to make storage easier. Then keep a set of neutral or white bedding along with your normal household bedding ready to use for the guests, Keep it separated, bagged and labelled to help you find it at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget guests might get a little chilly in the winter months, so the addition of a throw on their sofa bed will help keep them snuggly.

4. Little Touches:

comfortable guest bed Ensuring guests are comfortable when they stay with you is really easy, if you have a dedicated room or not. Give them a little nightstand or bedside table, a side light and somewhere to store personal items and a clock or phone. A few coat hangers and a hook if you don’t have a wardrobe is all you need for overnight clothes, and possibly a basket or chair on which to place bags and coats. Leave out a few towels, a spare guest’s dressing gown if you have one, and even a small tray of travel toiletries can really make your guests feel welcome.

How do you make your overnight guests comfortable in your home?


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