DIY Fireplace Makeovers

We’ve given you a guide for a seasonal sofa refresh, but what about the other statement pieces of furniture in your home? A dated fireplace can make an otherwise inviting room feel dreary and dull, and renovation can seem like a daunting task. If you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall (or have one that needs a revamp), check out our quick and easy style guide for hints and tips which prove redecorating needn’t be so tough after all…

Go brighter

So simple, yet so effective. A lick of white paint can immediately turn a fireplace from cobwebbed to contemporary, and you needn’t spend a fortune, either. A standard can of spray paint can be applied to brick cladding, avoiding pesky streaks of paint. Of course, if your fireplace is still in use, make sure to use a heat resistant version. The result will be a brighter, better fireplace offering a tasteful contrast against the colours of the room.

a beautiful mess fireplace makeover before and after

Bigger is better

Sometimes, scale is everything. Unless you’re going for a Spartan aesthetic, tiny fireplaces often look sad and dejected in modern homes. The simple solution here would be to install a bigger one, but with less time, effort and money you can go one better. If you’re an ambitious DIY-er and a dab hand with a saw, try this brilliant project from A Beautiful Mess to create an impressive faux fireplace which can sit in front of your old one.

a beautiful mess faux fireplace surround diy

Souped-up surroundings

How is your fireplace set against the wall? Do you have any space to play with? How have you decorated the rest of the room? If you consider these questions, you may not even have to touch the fireplace in order to make it look better. It’s hard to overstate the importance of context when it comes to statement furniture pieces – a few creatively-placed cupboards or bookshelves can turn the same fireplace that once looked dull into a sleek centrepiece.

Take inspiration from colourful blogger Lemon Freckles and adorn your fireplace with some of your favourite mementos and keepsakes. Arrange your furniture creatively around the fireplace so that the eye is really drawn to the new focal point in your room.

colourful pink mantelpiece surrounded by trinkets

Once your dreams of fireplace perfection have come true, you’ll need to put your feet up. For an ideal piece of fireside furniture, why not match a Cuddler Chair with a matching footstool? If there any tips you think we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.


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