Ideas for decorating behind your sofa

I like to change things around. That means moving plants around (at least the ones that don’t mind), changing table cloths, varying flowers and it also means that the wall behind my sofa changes every now and then. Yes, that wall behind (or above, depending how you want to look at it) the sofa. That space you don’t actually see¬†when you sit on the sofa, but which will would look weirdly empty without anything when walking into a room. It’s that space where I might swap a whole gallery of small frames for a few big ones or just change the colour scheme, you know, lighter colours for spring/summer and moodier ones for autumn/winter. It’s a fun and creative way to give your room a makeover, so I thought I’d share a few ideas and hope there’s something for every taste.


The most classic version is to have one large piece of art. This doesn’t need to be a Turner or Picasso (though congratulations if you do have one of those), but can be anything from a large movie poster to an abstract and colourful painting. You could even get a large canvas and just go wild with acrylic paints. As long as it’s large bordering on oversized, it will give your room an elegant and grown-up look.

Matching Gallery

Match your art with other accessories in the room. Even just one piece featuring the same colours as the cushions on the sofa and the rug on the floor will really pull your cosy corner together. This approach is fresh, fun and sophisticated whilst it can be adapted to your favourite colours.


Make it something practical. If you’re short of storage space overall, then it makes sense to have some nice shelving above your sofa. Granted, you probably won’t change the shelving itself on a regular basis, but you can always change the content. Small plants, books, trinkets, all these can be adapted to the seasons and changed to match your sofa cushions.


Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a hint of boho. Did you know that macram√© has made a big comeback over the past few years? Yes, that 70s yarn art is back in a big way and can be created (or bought) in various sizes and colours to match your taste. It will give your room a natural arts and crafts feel with a young vibe.


And lastly, who said your sofa actually needs to sit against the wall at all? Why not pull your sofa into the room, either straight or at an angle, and place a large plant behind it? This approach will make for a casual and informal look with an airy feel. I wouldn’t say it’s suited for a very large and chunky sofa, but it works well for a two-seater that matches the size of the plant.

I hope these ideas are useful to you and might even kickstart some redecorating in your home.

Carole x


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