Indoor Family Fun

We all love to gather round the sofa with the family and watch a bit of Saturday night telly, but it’s sometimes all too easy to switch off when watching TV and completely ignore your nearest and dearest. We coped without the old gogglebox for millennia, so how can we take a leaf from our grandparents’ books to reconnect with our loved ones and make family time more fun?

The weather is certainly warming up as we head into spring, but you never know when those April showers might hit. The weather over the summer months can be just as unpredictable, so here’s some ideas for indoor activities on rainy days.

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A Christmas classic that can bring merriment all year round. Simply jot down the names of books/films/songs or anything else that comes to mind, but choose subjects that all players will be familiar with. Pop your suggestions into a bowl, and let the laughter ensue as you take turns to act them out.

Traditionally, you should divide into teams and keep score, but it’s just as much fun to lounge on the sofa and take it in turns to mime. Wholesome family fun. There’s even a snazzy charades app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Dens and forts

Kids love building dens and you can let imaginations run wild on the sofa, using different formations of blankets and cushions to create the perfect hideout. You could even employ other pieces furniture by draping sheets between them, adding creative extensions that don’t require planning permission. Check out these fab dens fit for kids of all ages.

cushion blanket sofa fort  

Obstacle Course

You can really tire the little ones out by constructing an indoor obstacle course. Grab a stopwatch and get competitive as they take it in turns to run between piles of books, crawl underneath rows of chairs, do star jumps, throw balls into the laundry basket, and perform a handstand on the sofa for the grand finale. They may need a sit down afterwards…


Turn off the telly and gather round to read a good book. Better still, recount tales from your childhood and educate the little people of a time when smartphones meant tin cans that were connected with string. Better still, rinse out those baked bean cans and make your own retro walkie talkies.

mum reading child a story

Newspaper Golf

Fashion rudimentary golf clubs by rolling up several sheets of paper and taping them together. Colour in extra sheets to resemble ‘holes’ and place them at various points around the house. Finally, screw up another sheet into a ball and make your way around the course. Outlandishly awful dress code is optional.


Players remove their socks (or find a clean pair) and attempt to throw them into the wastepaper basket or whatever suitable ‘goal’ you can find. It may sound basic, but it’s amazing how competitive games get, with near misses leading to cries of ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ from the crowd. Ultimately, it’s a lot of fun and you can try your hand at different disciplines – speed rounds, shootouts, trick shots – all from the comfort of your sofa.

Socks aren’t designed to bounce, so there’s little risk of damaging that beloved television set forlornly sat in the corner as your family reclaim their sofa as the focal point of fun.

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Do you have any other ideas for indoor family fun? Please comment below or tell us what you think on Twitter.


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