How to Make a House a Home

When you buy a house you’re often buying into a lifestyle. From the moment you first view the property, all you do is imagine how you will live in the space. This is why it’s so important, if you’re selling a house, to stage it and help the potential buyer visualise themselves living there.

The day you exchange the keys and walk into your new home can be disappointing though. You never imagined how it would look without the furniture and accessories. You never imagined there would be so many paintwork chips, marks on the carpets and stains from the previous owners. But every house looks unloved when it’s empty, so it’s up to you to go about making this house your home.

From Day 1 there are things you can do to make the empty nest feel more like your home. And over the years you’ll learn how to create a haven and sanctuary for both you and your family.

What can you do to turn your house into a home? Here are some of my top tips and suggestions:

Tip #1: Be Bold

colourful living room

What do I mean by this? Well, your home is a reflection of who you are. It’s a window into your personality, your likes and dislikes and your character. Be confident with the choices you make for your home with regards to design, style and decorating. Don’t shy away from bolder pieces if you like them, let your home reflect the real you, after all, you’re the one who has to live in it.

Tip #2: Do Your Research

stylish home

Use tools such as Pinterest, Moodboards and Polyvore to identify what you like about home interiors. If you’re not sure what your style really is, take some time to gather together images that appeal to you. Save them out of magazines or bring them together digitally. Over time you’ll start to see a pattern emerging, a style that really does show you what draws your attention. You will soon start to see that you do, in fact, have quite strong likes and dislikes, even if you weren’t aware of them before.

Tip #3: Have a Hideaway

stylish kids room

Whilst you’re doing up your home or renovating and remodelling, always attempt to have at least one room that’s ‘done’. It might be the living room for example, that stays neat, tidy and complete, that allows you to escape from the chaos and drama of redecorating the rest of the house. If you have children it’s often wise to decorate their rooms first, when you first take ownership of your new home. Not only will you want to provide them with a practical place to sleep, but setting their rooms up will mean they are able to play and sleep in safety away from the rest of the work.

Tip #4: Fill the Walls

wall art

If you’ve moved in but can’t quite make the emotional connection to your new home, try filling the shelves and walls with familiar items. Put up some new pictures, particuarly photos of yourself and the family, or even favourite events and holidays. Ideally, create some new wall art from your family photos that enables you to make some new memories in your new space. Favourite images like this will help you feel an emotional connection and warmth to the new bricks and mortar.

Tip #5: Make new Memories

As soon as you can, throw a party. No matter what the house looks like, invite friends and family to come and celebrate your new home. Creating new memories with loved ones will help you settle and bring you closer to creating a new home. If you need to get some paint on the walls, you could even throw a painting party for a bit of fun.

I hope these ideas help you make your new house into a home. What else have you done to help you feel more at home when you’ve moved?



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