Quick & Easy Easter Decoration Tips

Finally the days are getting longer, the sun makes just a few more appearances, spring is here and so is Easter. It feels like it’s been a very long winter and we can all do with a weekend of celebrations and of course chocolates. Not that chocolates are what Easter is all about of course, but you know what I mean! Easter is also a lovely occasion to decorate for, but (as with Christmas) we often tend to be way too busy to notice how quickly it arrives and suddenly we feel stranded without decorations. This is where some last minute creative thinking is required. No huge expenses required, no three-day preps, just a few items and a little creativity and you’ll be all set for Easter.


Let’s start with the obvious: flowers. It’s spring, nature is back in bloom and that in itself is reason enough to celebrate. No Easter table then would be complete without some pretty flowers. No need to bring out the best vases though, just keep it simple with some jars and some seasonal flowers. Put several small jars together for a larger display which is at the same time casual and pretty.


If you’re looking for an even larger display then branches are your best (and most inexpensive) friend. Whilst their size might somewhat stifle a conversation at the table, they’re perfect for displaying on a sideboard. The branches can be fresh (just don’t go ripping them off your neighbour’s tree and blaming me!) or dried, natural or even sprayed in a colour to match your overall scheme. And of course you can then hang either all your favourite Easter decorations off them or just a few, depending on how much time you have to spare.

Bunny Napkin

One of the quickest small touches that is guaranteed to make your dinner guests smile is to fold your napkins into a bunny shape. This obviously works best with cloth napkins as opposed to paper ones. Besides, they’re just this little bit more festive and more environmentally friendly.

Bunny Bunting

If you’re looking for something sweet and playful, then why not make a little bunny garland? Bunny shapes cut out from craft paper and a little pompom tail are easy enough to make with children and quick enough to be finished before Sunday.

Flower Crown Eggs

One of the sweetest ideas has to be this one, don’t you think? A happy face drawn onto an egg and a little flower crown to top it off. A really natural and adorable idea to add to your celebratory decorations (or just your breakfast table) and to welcome Spring.

I hope these ideas will resolve your last minute decorating dilemmas and wish you all a very happy Easter.


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