Perfect Ways To Renovate Your Home This Spring

Does the arrival of spring bring renewed energy and motivation for doing up your home? I know I’m often thinking about the projects I might like to tackle this year, identifying priorities and budgets, and deciding what might be possible. If you are thinking about anything major, perhaps like an extension, an attic conversion or an updated kitchen you’ll definitely need to start planning and doing your research. Projects like this take time, money and plenty of input from you, and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. But what are the best kind? What will bring you most added value to your home, and give a different way of living in it? Why not keep reading to follow some of our ideas and inspirations.

Loft Conversion

attic room

If you do have a viable attic space, and want to convert it into a more usable room, then consult with an architect or builder to ensure you’ll have enough head height. You may need a dormer built onto the back of the house which will allow a better use of the space, but this can make the project more expensive. Don’t forget you need to be able to install a new set of stairs, and the space in the landing below to allow this. Then give some thought to how you’ll want to use the new room. Will it be another bedroom, an office perhaps, a guest room, or playroom for the kids? And what will you do with everything you currently store there? Converting an attic can be an excellent way of gaining another room, and making more of this dead space.

New Kitchen

Kitchen And Dining Image Main Most of us dream of a new kitchen. Of a space where we’ve designed every cupboard and shelf, and made the best use of the space. Where we have a breakfast bar, space to cook, and eat, and socialise with friends. The kitchen is often the hub of the home and as such, needs to be welcoming, and practical. Installing a new kitchen though is hard work, and can be costly so ensure you have a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get lured towards a more expensive hob or flooring but you’ll need to compromise elsewhere to keep the costs down.

Remodelled Bathroom

Puravida Bathroom Collection

It’s the labour costs that can really ramp up in any renovation project, so if you’re handy and able it’s always worth doing some of the job yourself. Leave the specialist jobs to the experts though, but if you want to tackle some tiling for example, why not give it a go. A new bathroom doesn’t have to be overly expensive these days, and if you source the products yourself from the internet, you’ll often find some good deals. Ensure you get recommendations for a good plumber, someone you trust and keep your chosen products neutral so you don’t fall out of love with them in 5 years time.

House Extension

Urban Garden Garden House Design

This is the big one really, and will be expensive and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be stressful though, and if you get a good architect and decent builder who can project manage the job, you’re most of the way there. Be clear about the style and how you want to use the new space. Keep the lines of communication open with your builders, but do check they’re fulfilling the architect plans. This can add real value to your home, creating a house that you will love for many years to come.

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