Scandinavian Inspired Living Room Style

It’s been a hot trend for quite some time now, but what exactly does a Scandinavian inspired living space look like? What are the key ingredients to making this look work, and can it be done in any home? Well read on to get some ideas, tips and top products that bring together a contemporary Scandinavian look living room right now…

What is a Scandinavian Home Interiors Look?

Scandinavian living room

Apartment Therapy

This image is probably a little cluttered, but it still works well as a great example of a Scandinavian home¬†interior. Maybe it’s all part of living in the cold and dark for so many months of the year, but the Scandinavians have this chic, pared back look down to a fine art. It’s all about muted shades and pale tones, mixed together with soft woods, sleek design and lots of cosy comfort. The colour in the room usually comes from the accessories and the wood, and very little else is added. Soft greys and off whites make up the main backdrop for this look, but the use of wood and plenty of texture helps to balance it so it doesn’t look stark. In fact, it looks inviting, warm and incredibly relaxed.

Key Pieces:

If you’re wanting to recreate this look in your own home, you’ll need to consider a few things. Can you live with the muted colours? Will you be able to keep it sleek and uncluttered, yet cosy?

If you answered yes to those questions then you’re on your way.

Some of the pieces you’ll need to introduce to make this look work are thing like:


Cecille Jugs

Much of the Scandi look comes from texture rather than colour. The colours, whilst pale, are bound together by texture so adding in lots of ceramics and accessories in chalky finishes with muted colour and texture will bring your room to life.


norman copenhagen table

Simple designs like those from Norman Copenhagen are perfect for this look. Think desk lights and anglepoise lamps for lots of ambient and task lighting. With poor natural light so common in countries like Sweden and Norway, the artificial light is so important to get right.

Maginti (Black) Lifestyle Image

Equally the overhead lights need to make a statement and are often a focal point in the room. Again, keep the design simple focusing on texture with the materials.

Soft Furnishings:

calm living room

One of the key ingredients in creating a stylish Scandi inspired living room is the soft furnishings. From oodles of soft, cosy cushions, to deliciously warm throws adorning sofas and armchairs, to gorgeous rugs and sheepskin pelts along the floor. As long as you keep the colours muted you can’t have too many. Pile them in a corner or in baskets for when it’s really chilly, or when the whole family is snuggling in front of the fire.

Duck Egg Blue and Grey Semaphore Throw (1) Metallics:

Well it might not be the traditional accessory, but if you want to add a contemporary twist or your own spin on the Scandi look, add some copper touches for metallic warmth.

Norsu Interiors Collection - Copper accessories - October 2014

They work exceptionally well with pale woods and soft colours, as well as with the texture in the soft furnishings. Dot a few favourite pieces around the room for a shimmery touch and modern slant.

Do you love the Scandinavian look? Is this something you could create in your home? Let us know in the comments, or tweet @SofaStoreOnline!


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