Space Saving Tips

A lack of decent storage can make any home feel cluttered, but there are various space saving tips to help you keep tidy. For example, our storage footstools allow you to hide away those stray bits and bobs, but there are many other solutions – both homemade and available to buy – that you might want to try. Check these out:

Sofa arm wrap

No room for a side table? Why not try an arm wrap? This is a solid-wood platform that slots right on to the arm of your sofa without needing any metal attachments like screws or nails. Exact measurements will depend on the size of your sofa, but all it really takes is three strips of wood – one for the top, two for the sides.

It’s a viable DIY project, but alternatively you can order a custom-made one from Canadian company Blisscraft and Brazen.

couch arm wrap for saving space  

Build a bookshelf door

Avid readers may find that book collections slowly start taking over their homes, and piles of books can certainly make for a cluttered look. If you think you’re out of shelf space, think again. Simply screw a pair of wooden brackets either side of the doorframe, and then rest the shelf on top. The door frame itself should support some of the weight, allowing you to display those books in style. What a novel idea!

Hook up your kitchen

Keen cooks and small kitchens are never a good combination: it can be hard to find enough space to store your prized utensils, pots and pans. Take a good look around your kitchen, though – is there unused wall space that you could make more of? Wall shelves with hooks underneath provide useful storage space for a range of different items. If you want to go all out, try a custom made storage solution.

kitchen storage solution  

Tame your toiletries

With a variety of lotions and potions all vying for space, a simple bathroom cabinet can easily get cluttered. Wall-mounted storage can work well here too, taking many forms from corner units to those inspired by school changing rooms.

Store bedsheets inside pillowcases

This is a great organisational tip, as well as a way to save space. Storing bedsheets inside matching pillowcases not only keeps each set neatly folded in one place, but it’s a tidy storage tip too. Make it easy to find what you’re looking for!

Hidden jewellery box

This is a fun one, if you want to feel like a movie spy – a hidden jewellery box behind a picture frame!

Design Sponge’s guide will give you the complete lowdown, but essentially the idea is to put an extra frame on the back of your picture frame to act as a lid, and attach it by hinges to another matching frame fixed to the wall.

Put your jewellery in it, glance slyly around the room, and close. Nobody will ever know.

hidden jewellery box in picture frame

Secret sofa beds

Sofa beds are an age-old storage solution, and these days it’s easy to buy sofa beds that don’t look like sofa beds, designed with discreet storage in mind.

sofastore sofa bed for hidden storage

No matter how small your home, it’s clear that there are plenty of options out there to make the most of every inch of available space – it’s just a case of being creative. Do you have any other space-saving hacks? Please comment below or give us a shout on Twitter.


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