7 Fab Toy Storage Ideas

When you have kids, toys are sure to follow like a tidal wave, washing away all sense of order. Much like pets, children can be messy. But not everybody has space for a playroom. So what’s the best way to keep all these toys from getting under your feet?


Here are some top storage ideas for tidying them away.

1. Pockets

You can buy an over-the-door shoe organiser and use it for everything that isn’t shoes. Pockets are great for dolls, cuddly toys, or even small boxes. With a shoe organiser, hanging them over the door keeps them up off the floor and they’re a nice place to tuck teddies away at bedtime.

2. Trays

Use slide-out trays and boxes to encourage organisational storage, by labelling each one a different category. This is great for Lego, where you can label trays with different colours, but you can do the same with different toy types or games.


3. Floating shelves

There are all kinds of ways to do floating shelves—painted crates or boxes, hanging garden baskets, or a simple shelf on a bracket. This is best for the small things, or the decorative toys that are used less often but are within mummy and daddy’s reach.

floating shelves for storing stuffed animals

4. Stuffed animal swing

This one is quite similar to the over-the-door organiser idea, only this time it’s a hanging swing for stuffed toys, using rope and wooden slats. It hangs from the ceiling, so be sure to do a safety check and make sure it’s all nailed in properly. With that ensured, this is a great option for storing a jumble of cuddlies.

5. Anything cuboid

Boxes and baskets that are a neat cuboid shape can be tucked away under beds, shelves, window seats, desks—wherever you have space. Their convenient shape means you can store several of them alongside each other. Just make sure they have handles so children can easily pull them out.

tray storage for lego and other small toys

6. Jars and buckets

Jars and buckets are great for the small, finicky stuff—stationery, Lego, toy cars, crayons. Jars will look neat and tidy on a desk, while larger buckets can be shelved or tucked away. Buckets can be labelled, while jars are usually transparent, so you immediately know what’s inside them.

7. Clear storage

In addition to jars, any transparent plastic container will be useful—so transparent boxes and trays are also a great way to avoid the need for labelling, making toys instantly visible and easily identifiable, whilst still keeping them tidied away.

containers on a shelf for toy storage

The best toy storage ideas are those that combine tidiness, organisation and accessibility—particularly in relation to children’s own playing and learning habits, when putting things away can be its own fun activity. Make a game out of it!


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