The View From Your Sofa

We spend a huge amount of time choosing the right sofa, suite or armchair. We need to ensure we get the correct colour, the correct shape and size as well as a style that fits our home and will last. Then we get it home, we spend ages styling it. We want the right accessories, the plush cushions, the soft and luxurious throw as well as the perfect side tables. But do we ever give any thought to the view from our sofa once we sit down? Do we arrange and create a beautiful view we look at each time we relax on our chair? Well if you’ve never given any thought to this idea, read on for some tips and inspiration that may well help.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Arthouse Vintage Bijoux Teal Sit your sofa or chair opposite a mirror, then give the wall behind the sofa some statement wallpaper. The pattern will be reflected in the mirror but instead of seeing the whole, sometimes overly dramatic print, you’ll be treated to just a snapshot. If you position some wall art in the right place behind you, you’ll also get a great, framed view of that too from your seat.

Create Angles


Pretty often we all position our sofas and chairs around the TV, but give some thought to turning your sofas to face each other, or another chair. With a coffee table in the middle, this then becomes the focal point. Guests and family members sit, looking at each other and the beautiful pieces that adorn your table. Add statement cushions to the seating for when they are empty too.

Flowers Galore

There’s nothing better than fresh flowers in a home for both their scent and colour. Coordinating them with your decor and colour scheme and placing them in the fireplace or on the mantlepiece opposite your sofa, creates the most stunning view.

Hide the Clutter

Norsu Interiors Collection - Pastel Living room (May 15) Keeping your home clutter free, organised and complete with clever storage is the way to a simpler lifestyle. Ensuring the that area you look at when sitting on your sofa is well organised and free from wires, cables and stacks of magazines, will give your room a more serene feel. You’ll enjoy your new sofa more for that experience alone.


A great way to create a stylish view, and add to the design of your room, is to use replication. Buy two identical sofas and position them opposite each other. Add a myriad of throws, cushions and art on the walls, replicating the pattern, print and colours across the two for a great effect.

So, hopefully you’ll be inspired to give yourself a great view from your sofa in the future, and consider how the room looks from your favourite chair.


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