6 Ways to Create a Style Statement in Your Living Room

We often hear the phrase ‘wow factor’ in reference to beautifully styled homes but actually achieving a look that grabs attention and makes a real style statement isn’t as difficult as it sounds. While having a huge budget can sometimes look like a necessity to create those types of interiors, the truth is, it’s really just about getting creative and allowing ourselves to take a few risks.

Today, I wanted to talk about just a few things you can do to create a real style statement in your living room and none of them have to cost an extraordinary amount of money to achieve. Using just one of these things is normally enough to turn heads but if you really want to ‘go big or go home’, then you can use a couple of these ideas in the same space for bigger impact.

Shall we get started?

Creative Paint Techniques

colour block walls

Paint is thankfully one of those things that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg but has a million and one possibilities. A simple graphic on a single wall using three complimentary colours creates a geometric design that is not only eye-catching, but can tie up an existing colour scheme in a room. Low cost but big impact.

One large piece of artwork

Oversized art

A simply decorated or neutral room always risks reading a little boring or flat so why not spice things up with a large piece of artwork? While buying large art may not be cheap, you can always consider purchasing a large plain canvas (or making your own!) and getting a little messy with paint to make your own art.

A Wall mural or Wallpaper

wall mural

With the myriad of choices out there, finding an unusual wallpaper or wall mural shouldn’t be hard to do. If you don’t want to add it to every wall, you can simply add some pattern and interest to a single feature wall (ensuring your other walls tie into the design too) or covering your chimney breast to create a beautiful style statement. Large pattern repeats are more in vogue now so stay away from anything that looks a bit too ‘granny chic’ if you are looking for wow factor!

An Oversized Mirror

oversized mirror

A single large vintage mirror not only can grab attention but it also reflects light as well as adds depth to any space. Choose a piece with an unusual or ornate surround for more impact. Check out antique markets, online auction stores, charity shops and free ads for your best prices.

Patterned furniture

patterned chair

Sometimes a room only needs a touch of pattern to create a real style statement.  Consider covering chairs or benches in a patterned fabric or even cowhide or faux animal fur to create a bespoke piece that no one else would have. There are plenty of bargains to be had by choosing a solid vintage piece with great lines (again, auction sites and second-hand stores are your best bet) and having it reupholstered with a contemporary fabric – the perfect mix of old and new.

Gorgeous lighting

oversized light fixture

I’ve always thought that your choice of lighting can really make or break a room and so ensuring your lighting is both practical as well as beautiful is another way to create real wow factor. Choose something that echos the mood of the room or contrast the style completely for an eclectic look. Going for an oversized fixture is always an option as well so don’t be afraid to play with scale a bit here – sometimes bigger really is better.

So those are just a few ways that really add a style statement to your living room. Do you employ any of these in your own home? Or perhaps you have another way to add wow factor? I’d love to hear from you.


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