7 Workplace Ideas for Small Spaces

Lots of us love the idea of a home office, even if we don’t really need one! A dedicated space to work can really help to boost productivity and make you feel better about your work, whether it’s a part-time hobby or your day job. But what if you don’t have space?

Don’t lose hope! We’ve put together a guide to utilising even the smallest space for your home office. Be inspired to carve out your own productivity nook with our top tips…

1.    Convert your closet

Got a cupboard, wardrobe or closet space that you’re not really using? Plan a weekend of DIY and rip the whole thing out! Remove the doors to prevent it from feeling too much like a hole in the wall, and fill the space with clever storage and lots of light. We love the pop of bright wallpaper in this converted cupboard, and the uber organised storage boxes and filing system designed to maximise space. Add in a functional and stylish stool rather than a clunky office chair, et voila! The perfect little space for working from home.

office in small space

2.    Use wallpaper

Sectioning off part of a room using wallpaper can make it feel like an entirely separate space. Use a bright colourful pattern or a bold lick of paint in one corner of the room to act as a psychological divide if you haven’t got the space for a physical one. Slot a desk into the corner and install some shelves above – just make sure to also invest in a decent pair of headphones to block out any noise from the rest of the room!

office in small space

3.    Make use of awkward space

Particularly if yours is an older house, you’re likely to have all sorts of odd nooks and crannies that you’re not really sure what to do with. Try and look at your house as a blank canvas, and use your imagination to see how you could incorporate this into a workspace. We love the way that this gap between the fireplace and the wall has been used to create a working nook, with a piece of white chipboard or painted wood purposefully cut to the fit the shape of the wall. This shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and you’ll have finally made use of that awkward space!

office in small space

4.    Under the windowsill

We often neglect the spaces under our windows in order to let in as much light as possible, but that’s often an ideal place for a desk. Use a pane of glass, rather than wood or chipboard, in order to not lose any of that lovely light and ensure the space doesn’t feel cramped. A set of moveable drawers should slot nicely underneath, and pick a sleek and streamlined chair to add to that simple stylish look.

7 (2)

5.    Shelving

Wherever you decide to set up your working nook, decent shelving solutions are guaranteed to make it feel more like an office than a desk in the corner of a room. Buy some reclaimed wood to create your own or invest in a gorgeous display unit to allow you to free up some space and keep the clutter to a minimum.

4 (2)

6.    Room dividers

You might not be able to put up walls wherever you fancy in your home, but a physical divider can make a world of difference to your productivity – no matter how temporary. You can find some incredible handmade dividers online in the traditional style, or you could branch out a little with a Japanese ‘nora’ – a fabric room divider traditionally hung from ceilings, doors or windows to separate space. We love this one from etsy.

1 (5)

7.    Space under the stairs

It might feel a bit Harry Potter at first, but you’ve probably got an awful lot of space beneath the stairs that you’re not utilising fully. Say goodbye to your dirty old shoe cupboard and reinvigorate the space with a built in desk and drawers solution, turning your under stairs space into the cosiest work nook imaginable. Use the same colour scheme as surrounds the stairs and it’ll blend in perfectly. You can thank us later!

3 (3)

So there you have it – bring the Pinterest boards back to life and be inspired to create your own cosy home office. Any other ideas for the perfect working nook? Tell us about it by tweeting us @SofaStoreOnline. Can’t wait to hear from you!



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