8 Ways to Use Rose Quartz in Your Living Room

If you like to keep up with things interior related, then you probably already know that Pantone have announced their Colour of the Year. Actually, scratch that – it’s Colours of the Year for 2016. For the first time, they’ve actually chosen two different hues – Rose Quartz, a pale blushy pink and Serenity, an equally serene light denim blue and have proclaimed the pair for the biggest colours to represent the year ahead. While blue has been a fairly popular choice in d├ęcor for the last couple of years (with it’s cousin Indigo really making waves), today I wanted to consider Rose Quartz and how well it works in so many settings.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

While many may dismiss pink on the basis that it looks “too feminine” or best only for a child’s room, hopefully today, my post will change your mind. It can indeed look perfect in any grown up setting and can work equally well in combination with many colours, allowing anyone to let go of the notion of a colour being “gendered” at all. After all, it’s just a colour, right?

So here are 8 different ways that Rose Quartz can be used successfully in the living room. Ready to get started?

1. On an accent table

Rose Quartz cushions and table with gallery wall

While you only see a glimpse of that little side table, the colour is repeated in the cushions and the gallery wall. Just a touch of pink here goes a long way to lift the blues and greys, providing the perfect counterpoint to an already lovely scheme. This would be an easy way to add a pop of colour and painting the top of a wood side table would really only be a few hours of work. (As a side note, be sure to use primer and an oil-based paint for a project like this for maximum durability!)

2. In the artwork

glamorous living room with rose quartz and chocolate

This next space is decidedly glam (one of my favourite looks, I admit) but I would have never considered using pink in combination with dark chocolate brown walls. That touch of pink in the abstract art creates a lovely accent to a fairly neutral colour scheme and looks perfectly blissful with gold accents.

3. On an armchair

pink chair in grey living room

This traditional setting is the perfect spot for an accent chair in pale blushy pink. For a nice mix of traditional and contemporary, why not add an accent of Rose Quartz to furnishings with a more traditional shape? It will look up to date without being overly trendy. The perfect compromise to creating a style that doesn’t date quickly and looks effortlessly chic.

4. On a cushion

pink cushion and lamp in living room

Now we all know the easiest way to update a space is via the accessories. A simple pale pink cushion here, accented by a bright punchy lamp is a great way to bring colour to a go-with-everything neutral sofa. If the cushion has a lovely texture or print rather than being in a plain fabric, it will bring an additional layer into your room without overwhelming it. Check out our Bromley sofa for a similar look.

5. In the curtains

blush pink curtains

While we may not have considered pale pink curtains, here they work beautifully alongside an accent cushion in the same shade. With white walls and touches of gold and black, they do not overwhelm the space but do add a soft framing to a window. The black of the picture frames grounds the softness of the colours here, adding an edge to an otherwise feminine space.

6. On the sofa

pink sofa with pale blue

If you are feeling really committed to this colour, then why not consider a shade of pink for your sofa? This very glam space works beautifully with shades of Pantone’s Serenity here but would look equally stunning with the always-popular favourite, grey. It’s certainly not a look for the faint of heart but when used with confidence as it is here, the results are unexpectedly fabulous.

7. In the lighting

pale pink lamps

Flanking a sofa or a sideboard, a pair of pale pink lamps can be just the thing to create a little softness in your living room. If you are struggling to find the right hue, consider taping off the electrical portions or any accent areas and using spray paint to change up your existing lamps for a quick and inexpensive upcycle.

8. On the ceiling

rose quartz on the ceiling

Of course, using it on the walls could be an obvious option for using Rose Quartz, but perhaps a more unusual way is to use the colour is on the ceiling. It wouldn’t overwhelm the space and would reflect a pale rosy glow over it’s inhabitants which is naturally incredibly flattering. It also looks pretty fantastic too!

So those are just a few ways to use Pantone’s latest colour in your home. Is this a colour you would consider? I’d love to hear from you – yay or nay?



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