Brighten Your Home with a Colourful Sofa

Many of us are becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to choosing our sofas. The choices for sofa style and colour are hugely varied, with something for everyone’s taste and budget. Trends though are nodding towards sofas that bring their own personality and flair into your living space, particularly in terms of their colour. Should we be investing in a coloured sofa? Will it go out of style and fashion too quickly? Or will this give our homes the lift and boost it can sometimes need?

Red: The Colour of Love

Red Empire Sofa Whilst often controversial, red is also the colour of love, passion, happiness and courage. What does this mean for our interiors? Well, choosing a red sofa will definitlely set the tone for the rest of the room and give your visitors a real insight into your personality.  People who are drawn to red aren’t afraid to express their emotions and subconsciously want others to know what they are all about. Putting a red sofa will mean you need to be careful with the rest of your decorating scheme, but don’t be afraid to mix and match with other colours, particularly yellows and oranges or, contrast with its opposite colour, violet.

Lime: Fresh and Fruity

Lime armchair Lime is next to Chartruese on the colour wheel, a fresh, zingy hue that shouts contemporary style. You don’t have to love a contemporary look to love this colour of course as it will work well in any decor scheme. If you’re not too sure about buying a larger sofa in such a bright colour, opting for a smaller pop of colour in an armchair is the perfect way to introduce this fruity shade into your home.

Purple: Extravagant and Individual

Purple sofa Purple is the colour of royalty, extravagance, piety and sometimes mourning, but there’s nothing mournful about this beautiful rich shade here. If you want to add a touch of contemporary opulence to your living room, bedroom, or den, choosing a chesterfield style sofa in this stunning shade is ideal. Perfect to co-ordinate with violet and crimson, it also works extremeley well with yellow and orange, its opposites on the colour wheel.

Of course colourful sofas won’t be for everyone, but if you are considering one for your home, you won’t be disappointed. They are a great way of expressing your personality, and giving your home some real character.

Would you consider a coloured sofa for your sitting room?

Images \\ All from the SofaStore website.


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