Create a Cosy Bedroom For the Dark Months

So, whilst October was mostly sunny and a real pleasure, November has given us pretty much what is expected: fog and rain from the word go. I know this is for many people the beginning of some dark, uninspiring and depressing months when it feels like we’re struggling to see any daylight. It is, however, also the start of what I like to call “cosy season”. Let’s face it, summer is the time when we’re all busy running around outside, partying, having fun and making the most of the sunshine, so cosying up under a blanket with a good book will be a million miles from our minds and not very practical considering the temperatures. Our natural hibernation instincts kick in once Autumn arrives and it’s not (for most of us) a priority to spend a lot of time outside, in fact spending time outside can feel downright unpleasant.

Wolly Blanket

So, this is the time for rainy Sundays in bed. Yes, permission to be lazy, enjoy the days when the rain won’t stop and time to rest without plans. It then makes sense to give our bedrooms a bit of a cosy makeover for this time of the year. Small changes that emphasise the changes in season can be comforting and help us (if you suffer from “end of summer blues”) come to terms with those transitional periods. Let’s start with the first and cosiest item then: woolly blankets and maybe even cushions. Not only will they help to keep you warm, they also provide a visual cosiness fitting for the season.

Fairy Lights

At a time when light is scarce and tends to be grey and cold, having warm and twinkly light sources helps our wellbeing. I know that this might look a little too “girlie” for many people, but strings of fairy lights can actually look simple and sophisticated whilst providing a romantic and soft light. Plug them in close to your bed so that you don’t have to get up to turn them off once you’re ready to drift off into a deep sleep.


Keep your favourite books close by. You know, the ones that are like a comfort blanket in literary form. The ones you always go back to after a hard day and the ones that make you smile. There’s nothing more comforting than a familiar book, a woolly blanket and a cup of hot tea on a rainy Sunday and you certainly don’t want to have to search your bookshelves for that one book before settling down…


Your bedlinen is of course just as important (if not more so) as the rest of your bedroom. Stay away from any manmade fibres, instead aim for natural materials. Cotton is great in summer, but can be just a little cool in Autumn/Winter, so, for extra cosiness, go for something like washed pure linen that gets really soft and cosier over time or thick, brushed cotton flannel if you freeze easily.


Maybe you’re one of the lucky people who have a fireplace in their bedroom. For most though, this is unfortunately only a dream. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t light some lovely candles in your bedroom (provided you adhere to some basic fire safety and blow them out before going to sleep) instead though. There’s nothing quite as lovely as candle light on a gloomy day or early evening to make you feel warm and cosy.

I hope you like these tips and they might even make you look forward to the darker months of the year.


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