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Pinterest Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Autumn is in full swing! This season brings a great excuse to give your living room a refresher, and while you may have gone for a light, minimal approach for spring and summer, it’s time to mix things up and bring some colour back into your home.

A fun way to do this is to experiment with some printed wallpaper.
Wallpaper gives you endless freedom, because the choice is unlimited, from bright and luxurious to soft but elaborate designs. You can create a completely new look in any room, and the best thing is that wallpaper can be inexpensive and very stylish!

From retro 70s looks to artsy contemporary prints, we hope to give you some ideas to spruce up your home.

Faux Brick Wall Wallpaper Faux Red Brick Wall Wallpaper in Dining Room

Faux Red Brick Wall

Brickwork is an aesthetic usually seen on the outside of houses. But what about bringing it inside without all of the mess of redecorating. These wallpapers provide an unusual but industrial style and look great contrasted with simple, sleek and clean furniture.

Red brick walls are classically British. Whether it’s the busy capital of London or a country manor, it’s a really traditional English look. Having a feature red brick wall like these luxurious spaces will bring you closer to that glamorous city life.

Blue Retro Wallpaper

Retro and Striking

Vintage wallpapers are making a comeback, so it’s time to infuse your home with bold and vibrant patterns that will remind you of those days of shag pile carpets and Marvin Gaye. We particularly love this symmetrical pale blue and white wallpaper as it’s the perfect compromise between having something retro that will go with modern pieces and not so psychedelic that it will keep you up and night.
Simplistic Tree Wallpaper
Avacado Print Wallpaper

Nature Inspired

The beauty of nature is its intricacy – the irregular lines, gradient of colours and varied textures. Let these characteristics flood into your living room with a flourish of  nature inspired wallpaper. This style of wall paper is great as it’s simplistic but still holds that aspect in nature of asymmetry. The cooler colours of this will look particularly good with warmed toned furniture as the difference neutralises the whole room.

Wildlife and nature inspired wallpapers are often quite busy-looking, so they would look great accompanied by warm, romantic, dim lighting and dark wooden flooring.

Geometric Print Wallpaper in Pastel Geometric Wallpaper


Geometric patterns are completely on trend this season. Similar to retro inspired wallpapers, geometric pints are bringing the 60s back into our homes. Injecting colour this way immediately changes the whole look and diverts the attention away from any lacklustre furniture that dullens the room. As long as the rest of your living room is simple, geometric print wallpapers will work really well.

If you love a bold look, go for a combination of both a retro and geometric print wallpaper, in daring colours to mirror the 60’s aesthetics

Monochrome Geometric Wallpaper Monochrome and Geometric Wallpaepr


The good thing about monochrome wallpaper is that it’s really versatile. Whether you want to liven up a room with eccentric patterns or mute the vibrancy of your existing wall colours with a more basic design, monochrome will do the job. No matter what the purpose of your wallpaper is, the contrast of the black and white is impossible to ignore.

So, whether you’re inspired by the peacefulness of a nature-esque wallpaper or want to go big and bold with bright colours, we hope that these ideas have inspired you to embrace a certain style for your living room.

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